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When Bender is on his solution to be executed for crimes from humanity (completed even though having the area of Robo-Santa), he's escorted past other prisoners:

Ken: If the universe was born inside the crucible of the Big Bang, our race was presently seventeen years previous. (slideshow shows Nibblolians frolicking while holding hands beneath a rainbow)

Designed even funnier any time a fowl perches on to the other finish of the megaphone and caws into it leading to Fry to fall about backwards.

John Jackson: Now I respect my opponent. I think he's a good man but, very frankly, I agree with every little thing he just mentioned!

A Deleted Scene gives a succinct respond to to a thing that goes unexplained in the episode good: On their own supply, Fry and Leela have to go into "hibernative naptosis" (i.e., snooze) to save lots of oxygen. Except Bender's a robot, a little something he details out.

Grand Midwife: I will now consider my leave! I Dwell listed here, so I would not basically be likely anyplace, but you don't have to speak with me any more!

And before that, the appears to be on Zap's, Fry's and Kif's faces when they learn They are sentenced to Dying by the original source "snu-snu", Zap and Fry switching from appears to be like of abject horror to expectant glee. Kif, Alternatively, just seems to be horrified.

("Time with the drum solo!") His significant-pitched girly scream is unanticipated and hysterical. He repeats it when Leela must drop the reliable gold fiddle from above and it falls on his check over here head over again.

Bender: Morgan produced me walk the Professor. There we had been in the park when all of a sudden some outdated Woman suggests I stole her purse.

time" prior to throwing him from the portal and destroying Grey's Anatomy season 14 him. Farnsworth then agrees that they do something about the discovery...suitable when they blow up additional robots. Cue Fanrsworth and Wernstrom throwing a lot more little robots from the portal and Farnsworth saying "Playtime is

In 'Overclockwise', with his processing speed boosted, Bender can convey to what things will occur ahead of time...for instance a ceiling lover slipping onto Zoidberg. When Mom's drones at the top drag him off to generally be restored to manufacturing facility configurations, Bender asks Zoidberg to have a handful of methods apart, and the doctor does so- a ceiling lover hits him. And between the varied things Bender wrote down whilst omniscient was a list of ceiling admirers.

Bender meets the God-galaxy entity and tells it about how he was God once. The maybe-God delivers the most utterly deadpan praise it might:

Henry Kissinger's Head: You should, gentlemen, we must put an conclusion to the bloodshed. We've all witnessed also many human body baggage and ball sacks.

Professor: You cannot just waltz into the Central Bureaucracy! It's a tangled Internet of pink tape and regulation! I've by no means been, but a friend of mine went completely mad just attempting to discover the washroom there.

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